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Entering Retirement Feeling Happy, Strong, and Confident - A Client Testimonial

My goal to achieve balance in my life seems to have been a life long journey with many starts and stops. As I entered midlife, my search became more urgent as my state of well being declined at an increasing rate, despite having achieved many of my set goals. As my interests, challenges and short-term goals changed, I still strived for my big goal of finding balance between my job, family and self-care. I became overwhelmed, confused and in pain both physically and emotionally. I tried working with personal trainers, fitness programs and gyms before but I had always ended up injured. With each set back, my overall goal of achieving a balanced life seemed increasingly unattainable.

In January 2017, my job was becoming increasingly stressful and I knew that I needed help if I was going to retire 4 years later in a healthy state. I found a gym that promised a holistic approach to healthy living and started training with Kathleen Holt late in 2017. I cannot say enough about the positive impact that Kathleen has had on my life since then. Despite having had some major challenges with life, my training with Kathleen Holt has remained one of my constant sources of inspiration and motivation. I am in better shape in all areas of my life, thanks to Kathleen. We discuss and develop goals together, as we train with and around barriers and setbacks, instead of stopping as I had previously done. She looks for the root cause of an issue and addresses the cause directly. She has taught me to listen to my body and deal with the problems. During each session, Kathleen normally asks me about one or more of my identified goals, and monitors several aspects of healthy living in addition to exercise, such as nutrition, pain management, meditation, mindfulness and well being. We discuss additional interests such as books, life’s challenges and overcoming barriers to my goals. No matter what sort of day I am having, I always leave our training feeling better and more inspired than when I started. Kathleen’s patient, upbeat and positive attitude is infectious and gives me a definite boost especially on my more challenging days.

COVID 19 posed many barriers to people, including staying fit. Kathleen continued to guide me through my workouts as we continued to meet virtually on my previous workout schedule. I found Kathleen to be very resourceful while training with my available equipment and space. She also remained a constant source of wisdom and light.

I can proudly say that I have now retired. I am happy, healthy, strong and confident about being and staying healthy in my retirement, thanks largely in part to Kathleen. She is always there to discuss issues that I may be having with my training and being healthy. She has become one of my life-lines for which I am truly grateful. Thank you Kathleen.

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